Thursday, 2 January 2014

Top landscaping trends of the year

Global landscape has witnessed incorporation of various eye-catching trends and ideas this year. Growing demand within people for a beautiful garden and most importantly increasing awareness among the population for making an eco friendly ambience has compelled creative minds to think something better and livelier this time.

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Notable landscape features that have been designed by leading landscaping companies are:
  •  Irrespective of the terrain and climatic condition of the place, landscapers have brought up greenery in every nook and corner of the earth.
  • Merely planting decorative trees was not the intention this year. People were more interested for mainstream sustainability. Due to hectic corporate life people opted for those plants, which had great tolerance against water unavailability and required zero maintenance. Gone are those days when you loathed a prickly cactus!
  • Climatic condition and soil constituents are studied first before planting trees. People want something that can keep their garden green forever; instead of something that will wither away in few days.
  • Edible plants have also grabbed the scene. Lawns have become kitchen garden as well.
  • Post recession, people have shown preference in using natural materials rather than high-end designer accessories.
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