Saturday, 1 February 2014

Beat your stress with a good landscaper!

How? Just imagine, you are returning from your office, completely strained and stressed, and you come across a beautiful green garden, wouldn’t you like to lie down for a while?
Yes! Everyone would love to. 

It is a proven fact by the researchers that, green has a busting effect on stress for working men and women, especially. Allowing green spaces all around the house or at least in the front reduces the stress of the inhabitants. Presence of parks and open green lands within the busy locales helps the people in coping with personal and professional stress. 

A study based on a hormone released during stress, cortisol, of a group of people (35-55 year old) has proved that non availability of free green space has tremendous impact on rising cortisol levels in the saliva. It was concluded that, more is the greenery less is the stress, and vice versa. 

People spending more time in open spaces, handle adverse situations much effectively. These people respond to disruptive events much better than their counterparts. 

Though exercise is another contributing factor, but what about those with physical or mental deformities? What about those who are suffering from any chronic disease? What about those who do not like to exercise at all? Open space is the best option for them!

So, don’t you think your landscaper has an important role to play in this regard? What if everyone go into parks? Won’t it be more overcrowded than a daily market? Hence it is wise to design your own landscape. Choose a professional landscaper and if you are looking for expert landscape contractors contact Sergio’s Landscaping in Scottsdale.

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