Monday, 31 March 2014

Five Most Important Landscaping Styles

Although different landscapes vary in their looks, but they are quite similar basing upon climate or the elements required for it. Usually a garden is influenced by the natural environment .If your landscape does not suit the environment, it requires additional care.

Thus, it will take more time and cost a lot of money in order to keep it healthy. To avoid this, there are different styles of landscapes that suit the environment. Some of the important styles are as follows.

English country cottage

Here the lawns are shaded by a different variety of trees and decorated with different types of flowers that are brightly colored. Beside this there is a small pond or any water feature.
European formal

It involves a highly developed complex network of paths with a large number of benches and other resting spot. It consists of fountains in the courtyard that attracts hungry pigeons.
Japanese Zen

These are curved landscapes that comprise of ponds with fish, bridges and flowers, but not like flowers in the other types of landscapes.


This landscape contains ferns and shrubs with bright colored flowers. Here one can find tall trees and water everywhere.

American Southwest

It comprises of covered patios which are filled with container planting. Often these types of landscape have pools which are covered by cacti.

Thus, it is quite easy to take care of these styles of landscape in the environment they develop, but it is difficult to take care of it in other environment. As the overall environment affects the health of a landscape, it is good to hire a landscape designer who can offer a perfect style for designing your landscape that suits the environment.

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