Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Some guidelines for landscaping that will give you success in every season

While many landscapers give some good ideas, I think it needs to be expanded for some more information. Landscape designers offer different methods of landscaping. For example, one of the most popular garden designer, Connie Cross uses a method of landscape design which is known as” Pyramid method”. Generally in a pyramid we find the top to be very small and the base to be large.

In order to create a complete garden, various types of plants are used by her for each level of pyramid. You can use only one plant in the top level but you have to use fifty in the bottom. The plants for the pyramid need to be chosen in such a way that it can look beautiful in all season.

What you need to do while designing a landscape like a pyramid? It’s quite simple. Now let’s make a research on each level of the pyramid to get a better idea on using the guidelines that can provide beauty to your garden in each and every season.

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Top level

The first level of the pyramid always consists of the large shade trees. These are a lifetime investment, so before planting, you need to plan it accordingly. Similarly, you need to choose the shrubs that can provide a multi seasonal interest for a successful landscape design Scottsdale. Beside this, there are some deciduous plants that lose their leaves in the winter but still give year round interest.

Middle level

Using perennials in the garden is a good choice. A perennial usually lives for more than one year. So, it is wise to have perennials in your garden. In order to give a finished look to your garden, ground covers are used. You need to select them according to the soil condition.

Last level

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With each level you must be adding a large number of plants but as the plants are smaller, the look remains balanced. Annuals are good to be included in the landscape. You need to choose the annuals that can self sow and reseed themselves so that there is no need to replant it every year.  

As there are many such companies that offer various methods of landscaping. Landscaping Phoenix can create a high quality of beauty.

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